Push Button Influence Review

The Push Button Influence by Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher is bring on the heat. Find out how they are delivering the one thing all of us need, exposure.

Official site: pushbuttoninfluence.com
It closes on April 6th, 2015!

Inside The Push Button Influence

One of the things Steve Olsher and Alex Mandossian have been talking about for ages is exposure. When you’re just starting out online in any field, will it be as a coach, consultant, speaker, author, professional or affiliate, you need exposure above everything else. If you have exposure, you will have leads, sales, commissions, partnerships and authority.  Most importantly you will have influence.

Push Button InfluenceJust think about every person you know about that in your mind is successful. It can be entrepreneurs Richard Branson or Elon Musk. Maybe visionaries like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. What do all of these people have in common? The having massive exposure they influence people.

This is because no matter how brilliant you are or have revolutionary your idea might be it will get no where without exposure. If there is no one to hear, or see your idea, no one will care. We see this everyday in movies, music and especially technology.

Just think about the summer blockbusters that get the most exposure. Are these the best movies of the year? Maybe some, but most of the time they are not. Same goes with music, it is the music that has the most exposure that wins the charts most of the time.

Now if you look at technology and software this is even more apparent. How many times have you bought a gadget, or program that was overpriced and over-hyped? In fact, you probably could have bought something a lot better for less. That is the power of exposure and you can have it with Push Button Influence.

What is Push Button Influence?

It is a course, or more likely a complete system, by Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher on how to use your own natural influence type (Competitive, Spontaneous, Methodical, or Humanistic) to ethically influence people and drive views, visitors, leads, sales and commissions to your or any business you want.

All of this is possible with the 5 Pillars of Push Button Influence:

Pillar 1: PBI Trianing – 8 module of video, audio and text training to understand and deploy a foundation for for the next pillars. It included 8 modules:

1. Content (Message, Branding, TOI)
2. Technology (Video, Audio, Written — Platforms)
3. Planning (Editorial Calendar, Guests, Curation, Productivity)
4. Repurposing (Syndication, Simulcasting, Amplification)
5. Production
6. Engagement (Audience, Community, Persuasion, Marketing – Getting In Front
of the right Person, Conversion – Getting the right people to take your desired
action, Countdown Timers, etc)
7. Networking (Connecting With Other Hosts, Media, JV partners, Guests,

Pillar 2: PBI Challenge – This is where you put the 8 modules into action to get the results.  the cool part is that this includes online leader boards, influence points, quizzes, and interaction with others on the course.

Best part? If you take action and start taking part in the challenge you will get rewarded with interviews, special training, masterminds and more.

Pillar 3: PBI Empire – This is where Push Button Influence takes it to the next level and literately gives you the foundation and building blocks for your own empire. This includes:

  • Templates – documents, emails, pitch and re-purposing templates.
  • Network With Influences – email templates, FIT formula, list of social media infleuncers.
  • Ability to connect with other students.

Pillar 4: PBI Automation – resources used by Alex Mandossian, Steve Olsher and members of Push Button Influence.  These include:

  • Trials and templates for Click funnels and WebinarJam
  • Email/AR templates
  • Show Templates
  • Graphics templates
  • InfusionSoft

Pillar 5:  PBI Immersion – Three day live practice and mastermind for all PBI members to take it to the next level.  Which includes:

  • Being able to pitch to some of the biggest influencers
  • Live expert judges
  • Laser focusing on your goal
  • private trainin
  • and much more
  • Monetization

This is what I call a complete system to not only online riches, but having lifetime Push Button Influence.

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